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Homemade Tank Top + Ripped Jeans + Wide Brimmed Hat

Men's summer outfits 2017

Men's summer outfits 2017Handmade tank topsHandmade tank tops

Handmade tank tops
Shirt by SoulStar Clothing. Transformed into a tank top by cutting off the collar and sleeves of the shirt. Collar was cut to ” across and ” from the should down to the chest. The sides were cut to ” from the top of the shoulder to the base. When cutting the sides, cut slightly inwards towards the center of the shirt to give it more of a tank top look.

Men's summer outfits 2017Men's black ripped jeans

Men's black ripped jeans
Black Ripped Skinny Jeans by ASOS

Men's summer outfits 2017Green wide brim hat

Green wide brim hat
Green Wide Brimmed Hat by Pendleton

Men's summer outfits 2017Men's stone bracelet

Men's stone bracelet
Lion Head Stone Bracelet

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