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Homemade Ripped Jeans + Black Denim Jacket + Oversized White Hoodie

Men's fall outfits 2016

Men's fall outfits 2016Topman black denim jacket

Topman black denim jacket
Black Denim Jacket by Topman

Men's fall outfits 2016Handmade ripped jeansHandmade ripped jeans

Handmade ripped jeans
Jeans by Topman. To create the ripped effect use a pair of scissors to cut across the knees. After you make the cuts, lightly tug at any loose bits of fabric to create a more worn, stringy effect. To create a more distressed look without fully cutting through the fabric, run the point of a pair of scissors from left to right, scraping the fabric along the spots where you want to distressed look.

Men's fall outfits 2016White hoodie streetwear

White hoodie streetwear
Oversized White Hoodie by Brigade

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